Profesjonalitetsprisen 2-2019

To ganger i året deler AHO ut Arkitektbedriftenes profesjonalitetspris blant studentene, på bakgrunn av deres oppgaver. Pris nr. 2 2019 gikk til hele studioet The Ocean Garden.

Juryens begrunnelse:

This price goes to the whole studio - The Ocean Garden as a recognition for the multidisciplinary approach and symbiosis of the two professions architecture and landscape architecture.

The studio explores the new frontiers in ocean and under the seas landscapes and contributes thereby to a wider discourse about global ecosystems.

The jury considers the studios work as highly professional, because it incorporates the multiple dimensions of architecture- and landscape design as a profession, resulting in strong, unique and convincing projects, well balanced between architecture and landscape design, based on curiosity and precise research, manifesting in thoughtful content, richness in its formal responses and creative solution, and resulting in intriguing presentations and in a well curated exhibition.

Arkitektbedriftene har snakket med representant for alle elevene, Maya Libiszowski, som svarer følgende på våre spørsmål:

Om innfallsvinkelen

"At the start of the semester, we were each assigned a lighthouse as a beacon of a larger space. We dove into our site, searching for what made the site unique and what caught our eye. This task was very open ended and led us to explore many paths of which a few were dead ends but gave us a holistic understanding of our site and its surroundings.

We were also asked to study nautical charts and understand their graphic codes. The charts revealed the benthic realm, and mapped the landscapes as continuous surfaces between land and sea. Finally, the study trip on board the Hurtigruten was another added layer which nourished our approaches. Off and on the boat, we visited the coast learning about it's nature and the socio economic uniqueness."

Om inspirasjonen

"Diving into a topic that was both singular to the site and interesting to us. The topics took us to realms that aren't usually paired with landscape or architecture. Proposing a physical space based on these ideas was both the challenge and the fun part. The lack of precedents for these kinds of spaces was also fruitful in finding creative solutions. The precedents were mostly used for form finding but not for concept development."

Om prisens betydning

"Its rewarding to see and to show that boundaries between architecture and landscape architecture aren't strict and that a collaboration is beneficial for both parties. It also encourages to think with people of other fields be it outside architecture."


Arkitekbedriftene gratulerer vinnerne.

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